About us


We are here to help you with recording unforgettable moment for your loved ones, friends, and… with flowers. A beautiful bouquet with colorful blossoms to show others how worthy they are to you or to give peace to RIP’s -souls or grieved family.


We believe flowers can record unique and unforgettable moment. From the moment flowers are prepared to their delivery, flor staffs try so hard to be sure they reach recipients to flowers in its best freshness level.


In addition to freshness and suitable price of flowers, we offer a unique rang of all kind of flower arrangement such as: flower basket, bouquet, funeral flowers, that is rarely seen in other places, in order to let our customers, choose items based on their interest and budget. 


Any item, (flower basket, bouquet, funeral flowers,) are designed by highly skilled flower arranger. Therefore you can be rest assured that all items looks elegant and beautiful when received at recipient doors.


Flor interactive voice response


You can call us directly through the numbers provided in contact us menu, not only to tracking your order, but also sharing us any comment. Your comments are undoubtedly effective to lead us to more success.




Good support


In every moment, weather in you are in ordering process or after order when it is being delivered to the recipient, you can call or email us through the provided contact info in order to be update of your order status. We are always at your service in all levels of order and never forget you.


Customer satisfaction guaranty


Since You are so worthy and respectful for us, we provide you with the best service in every moment. in case anytime you were not satisfied of our services, please just let us know it to do whatever in the way it gets your satisfaction and also to solve any problem in delivery of our product.


In case of mistake in any levels of your order delivery that makes you unsatisfied, we will try our best to make you satisfied by resenting your order or refund.




Hotline +(408) 394-7557