Products price:


The products price are as final prices and you will not be charged more in your order process. (prices are all updated) 


How can I cancel my order? 


To cancel your order, please go to contact us section in the website, fill and send your cancelation request along with referring to your order number. In case you cancel the order right a couple of hours before the delivery time of your placed order, it is also necessary to inform us by making phone call. In case you paid for the canceled order, Right After cancelation is submitted, refunding with no deduction will be done to your account in the same day.

It is obvious that if your order is on its way to be delivered or just received, you cannot cancel it. 


How can I be assured that my order is sent and received by the recipient?


Regarding the recipient information, you mentioned while you are placing you order, the recipient signature will be asked and taken by our deliver staff when reach the order to him or her. And as your request, recipient scanned signature will be sent to your email. 


How can I be assured that flowers are fresh at the day my order is going to be sent?


When you place an order in www.flor.ir, it means your order will be provided by flor company  that is behind all offline and online orders and by being closed  less than five  minutes to the biggest flower market in the city, all flowers are daily in and out in flor company.


What will happen when the recipient is not available to receive my order? 


All orders are delivered by us after we check with recipients to see if they are available or able to receive. But in case, the recipient is not available and did not inform us before delivery, we will leave a massage usually attached to recipient door. Recipient has got 2 days’ deadline from that unsuccessful delivery date to come to us at our flower shop to pick up the order in person. Otherwise flor company is not responsible to keep returned orders more than two days including all week days.


For any support, anytime, you can reach us at Flor office phone number that is: +982122003330 

Or you can send your massage via contact form provided in the website.




Hotline +(408) 394-7557