Terms and Conditions


Order substitution


Sometimes, some items that you see in the website might not be available at that moment due to some seasonal reason or…. but in such circumstance, we substitute that item with the most similar item regardless of higher price and we try our best to attract your interest by giving you the new item that is the most similar to unavailable item.


In busy days, like valentine’s day, mother’s days, due to high volume of orders we receive, your order might not be received right at the time you expect and order accordingly, except for funeral flowers.


Flor has no responsibility for buyer wrong recording of delivery date in ordering process. 


For those orders with same day delivery, delivery time must be at least 2 hours after you place your order. 


It is not possible for us to accept your order cancelation when the order is delivered or on its way to be delivered.


orders that placed after 22.00 pm, will be in preparation process by us in the next day from 8.00 am.


About cities and province other than just Tehran city, you need to note some terms and conditions:


In megacities like shiraz, Isfahan, Tabriz, Mashhad, Karaj, Variety of flowers, design, and items like basket, though is not as much as Tehran, but more various than other cities. Generally, for cities other than Tehran, the best way to order is letting local florist to choose them for you.


Images that you see in our website, can be done only for Tehran orders.


Mostly, what you see in our website as product image and order based on, is different from what is done and delivered in cities other than Tehran.


We will give necessary information of your product to local florist when we transfer your order to them. But in case of unavailability of any types of flower or vase, they will use available ones instead.




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